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Get The Raise You Deserve

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Let’s paint the picture, you’ve been at your job for a while now. Things are going well. You’ve taken on some special projects and your superiors are noticing. You start to think, it’s time for a raise. Panic sets in. How do you approach the conversation? What if they say no? What if they laugh? Then you think, “I know, I’ll wait until they bring it up. They have to notice what I’m bringing to the table.”

News Flash, if you wait for your boss to offer you a raise, you could spend months losing out on a higher paycheck. If it takes six months longer to be offered a raise, that money adds up. If you feel that you’ve paid your dues and gone a step above in your role, go ahead and ask!

Deciding how to ask for a raise can be incredibly nerve wracking but that shouldn’t hold you back! Here is my advice for how to navigate asking for a raise.

First and foremost, when do you bring up the idea of a raise? Do not expect an increase in your paycheck for doing the bare minimum that your job asks. Also, do not waltz in after one moment of praise and demand more money. A raise comes when you continuously shine in your role. When you have been a resource for your team and step up outside of your normal responsibilities, that’s when[RT1] .

Next, arm yourself. Do not just say you go above and beyond in your job, bring examples. Be prepared to provide specifics about your growth in your role as well as those additional tasks you’ve taken on. Tone is extremely important here. Showcase these examples but do not complain about any additional work. You should be in this meeting because you’re happy but want to be fairly compensated. If overall, you are not happy, that is a different conversation.

Also, do your research. Come to the table with a number that is fair for your position, in the market you work in. These days, pay transparency is huge. There are so many online resources that provide guidance on salary. is a great resource. We all want to be millionaires but we need to be realistic. If you ask for a number that is unrealistic, your boss may quickly become uninterested in what you have to say.

Lastly, prepare for a no. You’ve done all this preparation and you’re told not at this time. How do you handle it? First, take a deep breath and do not get upset in front of your superior. Do ask what steps you can take to get to a place where a raise is possible. Hopefully, your boss can provide clear goals to help you get that raise. If there is not a clear explanation for the lack of a raise, knowing that you have earned it, think about your next move. Unfortunately, the way businesses operate, we often see our highest raises occur when we switch companies. Looking for a new position may be your best bet at making more money.

Have you decided you’re ready to have this conversation? Set up a meeting with your boss. Make sure to schedule it on their calendar. If you catch her/him off guard, at a busy moment, it likely won’t be a productive conversation. Remember, asking for a raise is a normal part of growing in your career. Do not be afraid or feel out of line for asking. Get out there and good luck!


Embrace Your Inner Homebody

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From Sex and The City to Vanderpump Rules, women grow up thinking adult life is all about the cocktails. Every Friday and Saturday night twenty somethings everywhere hit the bar scene hard, spending much of their hard earned paychecks. This has occurred so much so that it’s said millennial women have re-invigorated the wine industry in a way it hasn’t been before.

I am guilty of being a party to this lifestyle through my mid-twenties. I spent my weeknights at happy hour and drinking my weekend nights away. Today, I still love a good red as much as anyone. One day things changed for me. You could say I saw the light. Someone who once defined FOMO, didn’t want to go out much anymore. I hated how much I was spending and I hated the amount of nights I came home and passed out before doing anything productive.

Today, I rarely go out on weeknights and instead go to the gym or cook. I try to keep one weekend night free to decompress and spend time alone. I’m an introvert at heart and this helps me re-charge. For those of you looking to cut back on your nights out, even just a little, I wanted to share how I make the most of my new lifestyle.

Go to bed early – On week nights, I’m home around six at night and I go to bed at nine-thirty to get a full eight hours. Since I’m skipping happy hour, I have time to cook or go to the gym and still chill out before going to bed.

Read a book – My favorite thing to do before going to bed is spending fifteen or twenty minutes reading. However, after one or two drinks, forget it. I’ll pass right out. Some nights I have chosen to turn down a drink just so I can read a little before bed.

Netflix & Chill – Especially for those in a relationship. If you’re man is going out, stay in and take advantage of having the place to yourself. Catch up on all the girly shows and chick flicks your heart desires. (I’m binging Tiny Homes as I write this!)

Spa Night – Give yourself a manicure. Do a facemask. Take a bath. Make it a night all about relaxing and feeling good.

Count Your Savings – Staying in on a Saturday, as I write this, I guarantee I’m saving at least forty dollars. I can transfer that right into my savings account to help meet my 2018 goal of saving more. Save for a truly special night out!

Even if you’re not as diehard a homebody, you may find choosing to stay in a few more nights a month incredibly enjoyable. It’s so important to take time for yourself and give your body a detox. Happy you night!

The Benefits of Seasonal Eating

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Since this is my first food post, let me start off by saying I don’t follow any particular eating trend religiously. However, I truly believe that what you put in your body affects everything from how you look to how you feel. I make it a point to eat healthy most of the time but we only live once so I’ll also be the first to order a plate full of nachos on a Friday night.

With that out of the way I’ll get to what this post is about. Eating seasonally. I read about this via The Everygirl. Seasonal Eating refers to the idea of choosing your food based on its peak harvest time. The thought is by choosing to eat this way the food you choose will be fresher since it can be sourced locally and not imported. It will also be less expensive for the same reason. The taste will be optimal since it’s in season as well.

Taste and finance aside, there’s believed to be some nutritional benefits to eating this way too. Studies show that seasonal fruits and vegetables help prepare our own bodies for the shift in seasons. Fall produce, for example, are great for making warm and hearty food. Spring food is great for detoxing the body and starting fresh as we move into the warmer months.

Here’s some foods to focus on in Winter Months:

Turnips – These sweet tasting root vegetable contains vitamin c, perfect for cold & flu season! They also contain omega-3 fatty acids, commonly found in salmon. They are great mashed up on the side of any winter meal or an addition to a hearty stew.

Brussel Sprouts – One of my personal favorite veggies. Personally, I add some salt & olive oil, bake them and eat them like someone may eat potato chips. They can also be shredded or steamed. Not a huge fan of their slightly bitter taste? Dress them up with a sauce. Brussel sprouts contain lots of anti-oxidants and improve DNA stability.

Kale – Personally, I’m not on the kale salad trend. This leafy green is not my favorite consumed raw. However, add it to a soup or a smoothie and I’m all for it. Kale has been pretty popular with foodies over the years and for good reason. It’s high in fiber and contain magnesium. Magnesium has been growing in popularity due its benefits for anxiety & heart health. While many take magnesium supplements nothing beats getting your nutrients from food.


-If you’re concerned about veggies going bad before you can eat them, buy frozen! It’s completely okay. Fresh produce sounds like a good idea but food waste isn’t. Do what works for you.

-Make a lot of soups? Freeze your fresh veggies. One of my favorite soups calls for a one cup of chopped kale. Where can you get just one cup of chopped kale? Nowhere. Buy a bunch of kale and freeze it.

As I stated at the top, don’t become overly obsessive about food. The easiest way to fail at eating healthy is to put too much pressure on yourself to not “mess up.” Let seasonal eating be your guide to start healthy eating this year.


Start The New Year Fresh and My Resolutions

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Does anyone out there hate resolutions? That’s fine – maybe they’re not for you. My biggest pet peeve, however, is the amount of anti-resolution posts I’ve been seeing. If you find using the New Year to set goal works for you, girl you do you! If it doesn’t work for you, no worries, find what does! This post is all about how to use the fresh year to make a fresh start.

Set Goals

This is the first year I have somewhat clear goals of what I want to accomplish and I already have a sense I’ll be more successful. There are two ways I suggest going about this:

1)      Imagine where you see yourself a year from today and then back into the steps it will take you to get there. This has been my strategy. My goals are more long term so this made sense to me. However, I have little goals along the way to get there. I suggest this for major financial or weight loss goals. Each month or quarter, break these larger goals into smaller steps.

2)      Set goals for the month. If setting a yearlong feels overwhelming, start smaller. What do you want to accomplish by February? If you don’t have a big weight loss goal but simply want to improve your health, make a goal to cut added sugar for the month or participate in a dry January.

Keep It Front Of Mind

Throughout the year or month, remind yourself of what your goal is. Put it on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror or set reminders in your phone. It’s easy to set a goal for January 1st and throw it out the window by February. Making sure your goal is always somewhere you’ll be reminded of it, is a great way to make sure you’re continuing to try and reach it.

Check In

Whether your setting short term or long term goals, track your progress. Write your milestones in a note book or keep bullet points in notes on your phone. The easier you make it on yourself the more likely you are to follow through. Remember though, when trying to reach your goals sometimes you will struggle and you make even back step. Just get right back up and keep going.

Overall, any improvement is growth and a step forward. Keep your goals within reason and think of your natural habits when planning how to reach them. If you know you won’t get up at 5am to hit the gym before work, don’t make that your goal. There’s nothing wrong with an evening workout. If you know your bills are going to prevent you from saving thousands of dollars this year, start smaller. All you have to do is start somewhere.

As promised, I’m sharing with you my goals for 2018:

-          Reduce my food expenses to $500 or less monthly. This includes alcohol and entertainment eating (going out with friends.) Eating is my highest expense outside of my rent. As I try and save more this is the area I could really cut back on.

-          Improve my running endurance & lose 5-7lbs. In my late twenties, I’ve noticed my metabolism slowing down for the first time. I’ve gained around 5-7lbs that I’ve really struggled to lose. My goal is to really reduce my bored eating and improve my running game and get those pounds back off.

-          Find a way to volunteer / give back. This is something I’ve struggled with over the years as I obviously have a full-time job. That leaves the time I could devote to volunteering to the weekends and perhaps some weeknights. Although, my weeknights can be unpredictable. However, I feel really blessed and I really want to find a great way to give back so this is pretty high on my priority list this year.

Let me know what your goals are!


Best Products To Battle Winter Skin

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As I’ve entered my late twenties, skin care is something I have gotten serious about. Winter months can wreak havoc on your skin. Holiday eating, drinking and cold weather are all enemies to our skin. All of these activities can result in one of our skins worst enemies, dehydration. Fortunately, we can take steps to prevent this.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

Increasing your water intake is great to help you keep your skin hydrated and deliver that healthy glow. Water helps keep skin cells healthier for longer as well as increasing elasticity. My advice, carry a reusable water bottle around with you at all times. Typically, I always have a 30 oz. water bottle with me and I refill it multiple times throughout the day. By keeping it around at all times, drinking water will become second nature.


For most of us, winter requires a heavier moisturizer than we use in the summer. Concerned about breakouts? Most brands provide oil free versions. Again, cold air can dry skin out quickly. The more hydration, the better. This applies not just to your face but your body as well. In the winter try a richer, shea butter, based lotion and a creamier moisturizer.

Mask it

Hydrating masks are amazing in winter and they can be found for really low prices. Take some time during the colder months and give your skin a little spa treatment. I recommend a hydrating mask two or three times a week during the colder months.


It’s important to exfoliate year round but definitely don’t neglect this in the winter months. Removing dead skin will keep your skin glowing all winter long. The cold air create dead skin cells quicker, removing these will allow new skin cells to grow without obstruction. Don’t neglect your lips, a lot of brand offer gentle lip exfoliates to prevent dry chapped puckers. You can easily make your own as well.

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